Latest news on the state of Alamin.

I am moving forward with many large critical steps in development and design. On the development side, a pre-alpha preview version has been made available to the first group of testers. The test came with a few bugs that are being worked through. The game server is still live and I anticipate that to be the case moving forward. I do not plan on shutting down the website or server for anything other than updates. 

The basic road map of the game: 
Version 0.1  - We are here  Version 0.11(2-4 weeks out)  - CharacterName bug fixed so players login 100% of attempts  - Vr Rigging working in production version  Versions 0.11- 0.2(4-8 weeks out)  - Massive content migration  - Playable Character skins  - Alpha character creator  - around 75 monsters  - More alpha specced level interiors, landscapes, facades  - website/game integration features  Version 0.2 until Beta(planned to be in Beta by end of year):  - Map is unlikely to change  - Much slower trickle of new content  - More focused on making static …

Notched, Phished and Quartered: Counting down to Alpha Testing

In days, not weeks, Alamin Online will go live for a select few individuals. This is a very important and key step into the launch of the game because it gives fans a chance to see that there is a game in development titled Alamin. That it meets the following minimal requirements for the mmo genre:
Massiveness, Alamin Online:Alpha takes place in ~6km2 map. With several simplified placeholder locations to visit. And a smaller backup overworld map for lower performance testers. MultiplayerPersistent world data and persistent player data. Currently running a VM running a server module and a database to store player achievements.Character creation. The selection of races is limited to 2. Human with choice of gender or mannequin, both with mesh morphing.  Quests, persistent achievements, leveling.Classes. There are 4 currently:Healer, Magic type(Both VR and Desktop)Uses HammerWears Light armorSkillsHealResurrectionSwashbuckler, Sword type(VR ONLY)Uses TWO swordsWears Light armorSkillsN…

Phase Two Cranking Up.

I had two simple goal when I started this project in March. Goal one was to have a working VRMMO VOIP coding core, and that goal was achieved. Goal two was the have a map big enough and detailed enough to show off the core differences in Alamin's design. Now with those goals complete, phase two is ready to start. While I can't go over the fine details I can share the overall goals.
     This phase is all about getting cereal. It's about completing all the sketchup pro modeling so structures and features can be extremely detailed, modeled after real world designs by a commercial construction professional. While the plan is for 100 interiors to have prefabricated themes and details. The phase two map iteration features public player lease spaces at nearly every overworld doorway that can be decorated with 1000s of high detail pick and place props. Phase two features 4 completed two story dungeons each with around 3 hours of game play alone and over 700 different monster…

Notched Fished and Quartered: Show Me the Greene.

One of the hardest thing about reaching out to the community and discussing game development is a lot of the game developer "memes" stick in the minds of it all too well. Absolute legends, like Notch, Phil Fish, Greene, Sean Murray. These are people who poured their hearts into development to give us something new, risky exciting, raw. It's not for everyone. It's frustrating, repetitive and you can sell 50M copies and have an entire community hate you because other people are being assholes in your game.
     I've come a long way in my developer line of thought. 2005-2013 I thought sandbox games were the effervescence of the gaming experience. Now I think that thinking with Theme park game philosophy in mind makes a lot more sense in the world of VR. I don't want travel time to be long between features. I want features to be close, detailed and dense. Only the highest quality PBR RTX ready assets are being used. I want the world to be full of mini games.…

Good news for Alamin Online Fans.

Alamin Development is speeding along. The revival of the "themepark" style of level design and gameplay can be seen in every corner. With over 21 large interiors(100+ under development) seamlessly integrated into the overworld never get bored waiting for a level to load. Alamin features the first use of the full capacities of the Unreal Engine network technology allowing for servers to reach 1000+ Players simultaneously. With hundreds of passive NPCs roaming the world for a complete sense of lively immersion and presence.

Fantastic Errors and Where to Hide Them.

Fantastic creatures and where to fight them demo has been postponed. Wednesday's blog has been moved to Saturday.

Alamin Universe: Fantastic Creatures and Where to Fight Them.

Sneak preview of the first VRlog. Featuring sword, gun and magic combat samples.
Meet interesting creatures and slaughter them:

New vlog coming 11-11-18