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Fantastic Errors and Where to Hide Them.

Fantastic creatures and where to fight them demo has been postponed. Wednesday's blog has been moved to Saturday.

Alamin Universe: Fantastic Creatures and Where to Fight Them.

Sneak preview of the first VRlog. Featuring sword, gun and magic combat samples.
Meet interesting creatures and slaughter them:

New vlog coming 11-11-18

Notched, Fished and Quartered. Dairy of a Solo Developer.

How do you begin a post you've been writing since you could remember? I guess it's harder to introduce yourself the more you thing about it. My name is Aaron, I'm 30 and I'm an aspiring game developer. No, that doesn't feel right. I am a game developer.
     It's not hard to put a date on my introduction to software engineer. I was 10, it was around Christmas and I inherited a the old family computer which had several software suites for commercial architecture. I've had around 12 main projects, some were mild successes with hundreds or thousands of users. But I've always been most fond of game development. I've been a huge fan of Virtual reality since 2013 when I assembled my first Arduino 3D printed head mounted display(HMD). I tried to launch a retro style VR game in 2014 but failed to complete the finished game mechanics and art style after having completed the first iteration of a 3d(2.5d) game engine from ground up c++ code. Before that i…

Downsizing and Feature Previews

The overworld for the demo has been reduced 75% but average block density will likely double:

The Player spawn is also integrated better in this preview:

Some examples of VR Interiors for players to hangout in:

Stay tuned for for my next text blog(every Wednesday) "Notched, Fished and Quartered. Diary of a Solo Developer." and new screenshots blogs every Sunday.

First Public Update on the State of Alamin Online.

Progress on Alamin. 

     Alamin v0.1 development is speeding along. The first rendition of the demo Isle of Adventure is rapidly approaching completion:

What is Alamin?

     Alamin is a VRMMO featured around a giant floating island in the middle of a hollow world where adventurers descend to:

What can be done in Alamin?

     The world of Alamin is special because it features two game modes within the same game, cooperative and competitive. The Isle of Adventure is cooperative, choosing games and game modes that exist in the interiors of the modern buildings of the Adventurer's city.

Isle of Adventure features:

Highway System and racingFour different Night ClubsArcades and dinersPubs and BarsThree Parks12 different styles of player residences with movable furniture2 of the Main story line's templesTrading card gameCar ownership and modificationSeveral practice arenas for various classes and skillsCompleted isle to be around 10km2Complex character creation World of Alamin Features…