First Public Update on the State of Alamin Online.

Progress on Alamin. 

     Alamin v0.1 development is speeding along. The first rendition of the demo Isle of Adventure is rapidly approaching completion:

What is Alamin?

     Alamin is a VRMMO featured around a giant floating island in the middle of a hollow world where adventurers descend to:

Image result for hollow earth

What can be done in Alamin?

     The world of Alamin is special because it features two game modes within the same game, cooperative and competitive. The Isle of Adventure is cooperative, choosing games and game modes that exist in the interiors of the modern buildings of the Adventurer's city.

Isle of Adventure features:

  • Highway System and racing
  • Four different Night Clubs
  • Arcades and diners
  • Pubs and Bars
  • Three Parks
  • 12 different styles of player residences with movable furniture
  • 2 of the Main story line's temples
  • Trading card game
  • Car ownership and modification
  • Several practice arenas for various classes and skills
  • Completed isle to be around 10km2
  • Complex character creation
World of Alamin Features:
  • Player driven story line featured around time
  • 3 Complete friendly AI cities
  • Over 100 puzzle based rogue like dungeons
  • Over 500 skills to master(Limit 4 per player)
  • Procedural weapons generation system with swords, guns, staffs, hammers
  • Flexible character classes based on skills and weapon of choice
  • Over 200 important NPCs and AI driven world mechanics for the over 2000 NPCs
  • Four story line temples 
  • Tamable/Mountable familiars
  • Over 100 monster types
  • Airship gameplay and combat

When will Alamin release?

     Early access is planned for Q1 2019 with a V1 release planned for Q4 2020. Early access will primarily focus on the Isle of Adventure. Demoing most of the mechanics/gamemodes with limited or example content. 

How to stay updated on Alamin:

     For now, only this blog is public but I will be doing a discord channel as well as Twitch streams in the near future.


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