Phase Two Cranking Up.

     I had two simple goal when I started this project in March. Goal one was to have a working VRMMO VOIP coding core, and that goal was achieved. Goal two was the have a map big enough and detailed enough to show off the core differences in Alamin's design. Now with those goals complete, phase two is ready to start. While I can't go over the fine details I can share the overall goals.
     This phase is all about getting cereal. It's about completing all the sketchup pro modeling so structures and features can be extremely detailed, modeled after real world designs by a commercial construction professional. While the plan is for 100 interiors to have prefabricated themes and details. The phase two map iteration features public player lease spaces at nearly every overworld doorway that can be decorated with 1000s of high detail pick and place props. Phase two features 4 completed two story dungeons each with around 3 hours of game play alone and over 700 different monster species to fight. Over world to feature many commercial educational, religious, clubs, office, arcade gaming, driving and racing courses, restaurants, misc entertainment etc, residential including, houses, condos, apartments, penthouses, mansions.
     Phase two coding features the full implementation of a massively streaming 100k+ prop world. A system of passive, friendly, helpful, hostile, tamable mountable AI. A weapons and class system completely unique to Alamin. Guild, Friends, Social Networking Priorities, Player Housing. Workable in world task simulator mini games, moba style minigame, death match gamemode, defend the Overworld gamemode, achievements, steam integration, user accounts. And much more to come.

Thank you for reading.


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