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Notched, Phished and Quartered: Counting down to Alpha Testing

In days, not weeks, Alamin Online will go live for a select few individuals. This is a very important and key step into the launch of the game because it gives fans a chance to see that there is a game in development titled Alamin. That it meets the following minimal requirements for the mmo genre:
Massiveness, Alamin Online:Alpha takes place in ~6km2 map. With several simplified placeholder locations to visit. And a smaller backup overworld map for lower performance testers. MultiplayerPersistent world data and persistent player data. Currently running a VM running a server module and a database to store player achievements.Character creation. The selection of races is limited to 2. Human with choice of gender or mannequin, both with mesh morphing.  Quests, persistent achievements, leveling.Classes. There are 4 currently:Healer, Magic type(Both VR and Desktop)Uses HammerWears Light armorSkillsHealResurrectionSwashbuckler, Sword type(VR ONLY)Uses TWO swordsWears Light armorSkillsN…