Notched, Phished and Quartered: Counting down to Alpha Testing

     In days, not weeks, Alamin Online will go live for a select few individuals. This is a very important and key step into the launch of the game because it gives fans a chance to see that there is a game in development titled Alamin. That it meets the following minimal requirements for the mmo genre:
  • Massiveness, Alamin Online:Alpha takes place in ~6km2 map. With several simplified placeholder locations to visit. And a smaller backup overworld map for lower performance testers. 
  • Multiplayer
  • Persistent world data and persistent player data. Currently running a VM running a server module and a database to store player achievements.
  • Character creation. The selection of races is limited to 2. Human with choice of gender or mannequin, both with mesh morphing.  
  • Quests, persistent achievements, leveling.
  • Classes. There are 4 currently:
    • Healer, Magic type(Both VR and Desktop)
      • Uses Hammer
      • Wears Light armor
      • Skills
        • Heal
        • Resurrection
    • Swashbuckler, Sword type(VR ONLY)
      • Uses TWO swords
      • Wears Light armor
      • Skills
        • None Currently(CAUSE TWO SWORDS)
    • Fighter(Both VR and Desktop)
      • Uses Sword and Shield(or 2 handed)
      • Wears medium or Heavy armor
      • Skills
        • Defense 100(can't be hurt for X seconds)
        • Hate 100(Enemies can't ignore)
    • Mage(both Desktop and VR)
      • Uses artifacts(no meelee option)
      • Wears Feather armor
      • Skills
        • Fire Ball
        • Ice Shard
     That being said, this is an alpha test of an indie MMO that's only been in development 10 months. There are things that are obviously incomplete. A month ago reddit's general impression was that anything resembling an MMO was a pie in the sky fantasy. Well don't tell Tim Sweeney, but I grabbed that pie in the sky and threw it in the mud. So I could prove that indie MMOs are feasible. This alpha is just a sample of all that is to come. 


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