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Latest news on the state of Alamin.

I am moving forward with many large critical steps in development and design. On the development side, a pre-alpha preview version has been made available to the first group of testers. The test came with a few bugs that are being worked through. The game server is still live and I anticipate that to be the case moving forward. I do not plan on shutting down the website or server for anything other than updates. 

The basic road map of the game: 
Version 0.1  - We are here  Version 0.11(2-4 weeks out)  - CharacterName bug fixed so players login 100% of attempts  - Vr Rigging working in production version  Versions 0.11- 0.2(4-8 weeks out)  - Massive content migration  - Playable Character skins  - Alpha character creator  - around 75 monsters  - More alpha specced level interiors, landscapes, facades  - website/game integration features  Version 0.2 until Beta(planned to be in Beta by end of year):  - Map is unlikely to change  - Much slower trickle of new content  - More focused on making static …