Latest news on the state of Alamin.

     I am moving forward with many large critical steps in development and design. On the development side, a pre-alpha preview version has been made available to the first group of testers. The test came with a few bugs that are being worked through. The game server is still live and I anticipate that to be the case moving forward. I do not plan on shutting down the website or server for anything other than updates. 

The basic road map of the game: 

Version 0.1 
- We are here 
Version 0.11(2-4 weeks out) 
- CharacterName bug fixed so players login 100% of attempts 
- Vr Rigging working in production version 
Versions 0.11- 0.2(4-8 weeks out) 
- Massive content migration 
- Playable Character skins 
- Alpha character creator 
- around 75 monsters 
- More alpha specced level interiors, landscapes, facades 
- website/game integration features 
Version 0.2 until Beta(planned to be in Beta by end of year): 
- Map is unlikely to change 
- Much slower trickle of new content 
- More focused on making static content dynamic. An example of this would be programming a billiards table with a game mode. A lesser priority would be making the website register that a game of Billiards has been played. 

How I’m planning on distributing the game: 

     With the new and upgraded website. Alamin’s web front end will feel a lot like a mix of Steam and Facebook. This will be how players manage their accounts, make friends outside of the game world, trade items and see every statistic to every minigame they’ve ever played within the game. Initially I will be giving out only free-4-life accounts. Meaning you get the game, whether it last 1 year or 50 for free. HOWEVER, they come with a few annoying bug surveys and the annoyance of having to sign up. These accounts will come with free-4-alpha friend invites, with a possibility of earning free-4-life accounts. I plan on giving out between 100-10,000 free accounts during alpha. 
     Alamin Beta very early next year will come with a price tag. So far it’s TBD pricing, the game could cost beta users $9.99 or $49.99. The state of the game after the Alpha stage will determine that. The game will likely using some sort of tiering schedule like first 3 months of beta it’s $9.99, next 3 $19.99 etc. It is very unlikely for there to be an item mall or subscription fee. The success of the Beta will determine the future of Alamin as I expect to be reaching the limits of what’s possible with the time and resources that are available to me.


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