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Covid-19 Pandemic From the Perspective of a Simple Texan on June 25th 2020

Before the introduction, we need to start with the data. These cases and deaths aren't a projection of what might happen. This is what has happened as of June 25th, 2020:
Van Zandt County 59 cases 3 Deaths 56,019 people = 5.084% Mortality with 0.105% of the Population dead so far.Texas 125,921 cases 2,249 deaths 28,304,000 people = 1.786% Mortality with 0.070% of the Population dead so far.United States 2,374,000 cases 121,809 deaths 328,200,00 people = 5.130% Mortality with 0.071% of the population dead so farWorld 9,630,000 cases 490,000 deaths 7,793,977,800 people = 5.088% Mortality with 0.006% of the population dead so far.      Everyone, layman or Epidemiologist, sees the same numbers. Every single case and death is written and recorded by medical doctors. These numbers aren't a conspiracy, projection or exaggeration. The meaning or interpretation of the numbers has become a highly debated popular topic. In the age of globalized social media we have 4.7 Billion of 7.7 Bil…